Utility 3.0: Baltimore Leading the Energy Revolution…Again

GridLion was born in Baltimore.

Baltimore, the city that introduced energy as a public service and spread gas lighting to cities all over the world in 1816. Baltimore, the city that inspired The Star-Spangled Banner.

No one today should be hungry or cold. GridLion’s mission is to bring affordable, reliable, clean energy to under-served communities everywhere, creating opportunities and impacting lives.

Yesterday, GridLion kicked off our ARC of GridLion Campaign to raise awareness of energy issues, and partner with cities to bring Affordable Reliable and Clean energy to undeserved communities everywhere.

Great things are happening today here in Baltimore. Let’s continue reviving our city and let’s drive that impact all over the world.

Join us.

One of the original gas lamps that lit our cities more than 50 years before the electricity grid.


Join the #ARCofGridLion campaign. We want to hear your stories. How are you reviving your city?