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Universal access to affordable, sustainable, reliable energy is our mission.

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Do You Know How Energy Impacts Your Bottom Line?

At GridLion we make energy management cool. We're different than energy management companies who push solutions that offer no real control and fail to deliver measurable ROI. Our clients save an average of 30% on energy due to our unique approach. We understand that meaningful value comes when managing energy is an operational business strategy, not just an engineering challenge, and we know that energy is just one of many things your business worries about. We give you visibility and control over energy, so you can solve other big problems.

GridLion is dedicated to serving its communities. As part of this commitment, we will to contribute the equivalent of 5% of our profit to programs and initiatives that help Baltimore families and create opportunity.

How We Help

We Give You The Tools To Control How Energy Impacts Your Business. Anytime. Anywhere.

Smart building

We design and deliver building intelligence platforms to give you visibility and control. Our dashboards provide real-time views into energy cost and performance so you can make on-the-spot decisions that will save you money now, not down the road. Intuitive analytics enable you to optimize facility operations, along with clear, straight-forward reporting. Energy performance data can integrate with your business intelligence to ensure complete alignment with your organization's objectives.

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Operational Resilience

Your business cannot afford to go down when the power goes out. We prepare you for grid events by identifying where your business is vulnerable and building a Roadmap to Resilience. We work with your team to implement the roadmap and deploy needed resources when an event occurs. By fortifying your business against unplanned grid events, we help you sustain the critical operations that keep your organization meeting its mission.

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Strategic energy

We formulate and facilitate strategic energy plans, helping your team take a disciplined approach to building a cohesive strategy for managing energy. We listen to your needs, analyze your current challenges and evaluate opportunities to align your energy performance with your strategic objectives. A solid strategic plan is key to managing significant risk that organizations face in an increasingly volatile energy market.

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Improve the business ecosystem and drive results that secure your future.

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The projected increase in energy costs from 2015 to 2020.

The average cost savings for businesses that invest in energy management services.

The 5-year increase in asset value for a typical 500,000 square foot office building that reduces energy costs by 7%.

On average, energy use accounts for 29% of operating expenses in commercial buildings. Similarly, healthcare facilities spend approximately $13,500 per patient bed per year on energy. Lack of visibility and control into energy costs and performance leaves businesses vulnerable to significant risk. According to the Department of Energy, “organizations that improve energy performance outperform their competitors by as much as 10 percent.”


Where the U.S. Ranks relative to other developed nations in the number of annual power outages.

The cost, in lost income, to businesses that were affected by power outages in 2014.

The additional revenue earned by commercial building owners who used smart automation to curtail peak demand and protect the grid in 2014.

Reliable, affordable energy is central to economic stability, national security, and sustaining our quality of life. Increasing demand for energy and rapid changes in energy supply are putting tremendous strain on the power grid. Businesses that use energy will lead the way in securing our energy future by responding to these challenges through implementing technologies and best practices that will safeguard our power supply.


6k gal
The amount of fresh water that is depleted to keep a 60 watt lightbulb lit for 12 hours

40B gal
The average amount of fresh water saved each year by businesses that employ Energy Management services

10k MT
The average amount of CO2 emissions avoided each year by a facility that implements ISO 50001 Energy Management standards.

The way we generate and consume energy depletes water supplies, strains food supplies, and affects air quality. These trends strain our economy and impact the health of our communities. Businesses at the forefront of securing environmental resources are transforming how they manage energy as a key operational input, which delivers returns to their bottom lines.

How We Work

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Who We Serve

Building Owners

We help commercial building owners improve the energy performance of their buildings, enhance the quality of their portfolio, reduce cost, increase net operating income, and improve environmental performance. We maximize the comfort of your space and drive up the total value of your assets.


Healthcare institutions face an unprecedented set of challenges, making it difficult to accurately forecast care delivery needs, manage costs, or make critical investments in their facilities. We implement solutions that reduce spending on facilities and provide energy certainty to mitigate risk, optimize facility performance and shift dollars to direct patient care.


Power quality issues and equipment failure induce environmental stress that can result in significant lost revenue. Our solutions reduce the total amount spent on energy, improve the performance of critical growing systems, and ensure crop integrity. By stabilizing the growing environment, we also reduce product vulnerability.

redirected from energy costs to patient care
increase on average in Net Operating Income
of secure, clean power installed
gallons of water saved by reducing energy consumption