11 Key factors that differentiate GridLion from other Lions

We often get asked the question: “So what makes GridLion different anyway?” It’s a good question, and it’s an important enough distinction that we felt it necessary to publish this short primer on reasons that you should consider doing business with GridLion and not with…you know…the other kind of lion. Here are 11 key differentiators that you should consider:

1) We stay busy. Unlike other types of lions, GridLions don’t just sit around the Savannah waiting for a herd of antelope to walk by. We work tenaciously helping clients solve big problems.

2) We’re better at math and energy than those other lions. Our team has deep experience in every aspect of the energy industry from power generation to public utilities and energy markets as well as energy management in mission critical facilities. Go ahead. Test us.

3) GridLions don’t eat clients. We have found that it’s not conducive to doing great work. We do, however, take our clients out to dinner.

4) Your staff will like us. When you let us loose in your buildings, people won’t run away screaming. They may even thank us because hey, we just made their workplace a little more comfortable.

5) Our pride is in the results that we deliver…not in some weird hierarchy defined by which of us has the most beautiful mane. 

6) GridLions have fingers and dexterity. See if those other Lions can program your Smart Building dashboards on their laptops.

7) We’re not as cuddly…ok, so that’s one point for jungle lions.

8) We are responsive to your critical issues and work fast to address them. Have you ever seen other lions show up on time to a meeting and really understand your business problems? Ever?

9) We know that energy is just one piece of your complex operations. We’ll help you manage it strategically to drive measurable business results. Do you think that the other lions understand this like we do?

10) We’re hungrier. We’re driven to transform how organizations manage energy, and we fiercely pursue solutions that increase our clients’ profitability, make their businesses more resilient, enhance environmental security, and improve the lives of others.

11) We’re easy to reach by phone and email, or you can just drop by. Seriously, we’d love to hear from you and unlike our counterparts in the Savannah, we’ll keep our appetite in check…for a while.

We’d love to hear from you